My Truth


I have contemplated long and hard about whether or not to share my story.

I have mulled over the possible negative repercussions, became tentative while contemplating the harsh opinions that may be sent my way. But no matter how dark these possibilities seem, the positive that can come from me sharing my story overpowers the shadows.

Hiding my story gives it power. It is when I am open and vulnerable, honest about my journey of self discovery that I feel strong and closer to my authentic self.

Mental health issues, no matter what they are, are nothing to be ashamed of.

If sharing my story changes your point of view of me, if you send words of judgement and ridicule, that is a reflection of you, not of me.

So here is my story, not told for sympathy, but to fully set myself free.

I have learned through this process that revealing pieces of ourselves, and being honest with one another can be unbelievably therapeutic. Truth and honesty within is a step to taking back the power and starting the process of healing.

 I share my story to hopefully inspire the strength that lies within you, to tell yours and push forward in your journey of self discovery, whatever that is. I open myself to you, as a confidant and as a support system. 

My stories is told through a series of chapters, as a means to highlight the non linear path my journey has taken, the tools I have gained along the way, and all that I have learned about myself


Truth. Breathe. Freedom.

9 Responses to My Truth

  1. Erik says:

    You are stronger than most. Braver than many. And a friend. Thank you for you.


  2. Dean says:

    You know that every single person on the planet struggles with inperfection and if they think they don’t they are either deluded or narcissistic and need more help them most people. You have chosen to take a hard line with your problems. That takes some serious courage. Your choice to allow yourself to be vulnerable to people around you and set yourself up for potential rejection and criticism is inspiring sweetie. So many of us sweep our shit under the rug and hide from it … even until the grave. You confront your head on. God bless you and thank you for being a light in my life.


  3. Jay Sanghera says:

    So proud of you Sarah! You are very inspiring!


  4. Becky Adams says:

    I have looked up to you ever since the one year I played volleyball with you. You are such an inspiring and amazing person who welcomed a young, inexperienced me to the team with open arms. Following you after graduation, through your education and the beginning of your teaching career, I was in awe. I love what you are doing, and everything you stand for. The fact that you are telling your story, only makes me respect you even more. Thank you for shedding some light onto this topic and your story, you ARE amazing.


  5. Stephen de wit says:

    Love this!


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