Chapter 9: Power of CHOICE

Relaxing Sketch

Choosing Balance. Giving my mind, body, and spirit some love.

Life, as I have comed to realize is a series of choices.
What I neglected to acknowledge though, is the depth of these choices.
I, we, have choice – not only in how we ACT, but in how we REACT.

I have CHOICE in how I FEEL. 

Over the past few months I have developed a set of tools and strategies supporting an intense reflective practice. Slowly I have developed a strong sense of self awareness specific to my addictive voice – being able to identify it, the trigger, and a coping mechanism.

Here in lies the challenge. I no longer have any excuse to be causing myself pain now that have developed this awareness.

I have been LETTING myself CHOOSE pain. 

Pain is an addiction –  Physical pain, to distract from emotional pain. Bulimia, pushing my body to the point of destruction and exhaustion, not allowing recovery, never allowing myself to be alone are all distract and trigger emotional pain. This is the perpetual cycle.

The more I practice CHOOSING to LOVE myself,
the easier it gets…

My Focus this week….

1. The choice of BALANCE – balance of mind, body, and spirit. Allowing my mind, body, and spirit to be nourished, to recover, and to build stronger.

2. The choice of POSITIVE FEELING – I stated before, I am like the sunrise. Just like the sun I rise each morning. And each morning I have a choice. – choices that now seem laughable given the process of self discovery I have being traveling through.

I CHOOSE to feel worthy, to feel loved, and to feel valuable
Why on earth would I CHOOSE to feel anything but the opposite. I have been CHOOSING to LET myself get “stuck in the suck”

What thought process will you change to bring forward the truth?
Most often that emotional pain is a lie, when I believe the lies, when I believe I am worthless or alone, the cycle of pain begins again. I have a choice in what I believe.

Life a series of choices

We all have a choice in what we believe about ourselves, in how we act & react. 

What choice are you going to make?

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