Chapter 10: I am not alone. WE are not alone.


I forget. No… I allow myself to forget.

I forget that I am not alone in my journey.  It is when I allow myself to forget, that I slip into a dark world of isolation where the voice of false reality is the loudest. Isolation is fuel to a negative feedback loop perpetuating dysfunctional behavior & negative self-talk. Isolation is the space where the reflection I see in the mirror is not one reflective of truth, it is a reflection without worth. 

Finding the light in the dark of isolation. 

Conversation. Connection. Community.

Openness. Honesty. Truth

Conversation and connection facilitate self-reflection & self-discovery. Openness and honesty break down the wall of lies we create as protective mechanisms – acknowledging the lies gives room for growth, revealing our authentic self. Speaking the truth about our fears and allows us to see the masked truth, the true reality.

My dear friend Chelsey always tells me that isolating myself during my times of pain or darkness is one of the most selfish things I can do, it is willingly giving my addiction power and opportunity. Conversation can be a chance for both parties to learn and grown. Connecting with my support system not only sets ME free, but also gives others a chance to reconnect with themselves and their journey of self-discovery.

Something I have realized through my professional world is that I learn the most about myself as an educator, and about the practice of teaching when given the opportunity to dialogue with other professionals, and reflect.

The same concept applies when working to overcome any mental health struggle – actually, the same concept applies to life! The more we surround ourselves with a community of diverse, open minded individuals, and allow ourselves to participate in open, honest, and raw conversations about life, the more we learn and grow.

I still have my moments of isolation. But with practice, and with patience, those moments are becoming few and far between as I take the power back.

I am so thankful for my community.
They support me patiently.
With love and kindness.
Recognizing that each learning moment has to come from within.
Recognizing that learning is a process, a process with up’s and downs.
Thank you dear friends.
Thank you. 



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