Chapter 11: We are Creators

My Vision
We are creators of our own reality.
We have a choice.
A choice to be passive recipients or active participants in the story of our lives.

1 Year ago almost to the day, I became an active participant in my own life.

I began creating a reality I wanted. A reality of happiness and self love. 

After a summer of adventure and exploration I entered back into the routine of work life. Very quickly I felt the energy of the fast paced world, holding my breath as learning curves were thrown at me as fast as the tide changes the design of sand.
I was moving with the waves, controlled by the craziness around me. I felt like I was being thrown against the rocks.

A year ago I would have been swept away, but a year ago I was a different person. A year ago I did not fully understand the depth of who I am, the power I hold in creating my own reality.

This craziness, this feeling of being lost being blurred in the present moment was not going to become my new reality. This was not how my story was to continue.

Recognizing very quickly the change in my energy – feeling rushed and panicked, I took an evening to unplug. I spent three hours on my porch painting and writing, and for the first time since going back to work, I slept through the night.

Keeping with this momentum, I took part in an amazing. I created a vision board

A board representing my growth and my future. I flipped through magazines collecting images and phrases that resonated with me. This process for me was a form of active reflection, I was creating a visual representative of how I want to continue living my life.

This board will act as a constant reminder that I am a creator. The choices I make, my actions and reactions, are all MY CHOICE. These choices help me create the life I want.

I will continue to create happy. I will make the choice to embrase all the world throws at me, as opportunities to learn and to grow.

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