Chapter 12: Bringing Light to the Dark.

We do not stand alone. 
The power of sharing.
The ripple effect.
The strength of community.

Over the past couple weeks I have seen and felt the efforts to shed light on the reality of mental health. More and more I see people stepping out their personally manifested bubble of darkness, stepping out of their world of isolation that is so significantly linked with mental health and into a the light of truth.

As each person steps forward sharing their story our community grows stronger, and more people see healing as a possibility. This wave of openness and honesty about our experiences is weakening the wall of shame we have each surrounded ourselves with – for the reality is, we are NOT alone.

Two amazing young women, Chelsey Kadyschuk & Jennifer Thompson,  women who I am so proud to call friends have recently shared their stories with the world – their stories of personal battles with mental health, addiction, and eating disorders. I am so utterly inspired by their bravery. Sharing your story publicly can be one of the most terrifying, yet most powerful and healing experiences. It is exposing a very significant piece of your life.

I remember the day I pressed “publish” and the wave of emotional release.
Finally, I didn’t have to hide.

Isolation is addictions strategic manoeuvre, and shame is the voice of power.

Yesterday in Washington DC a rally was held to END THE SILENCE. This is the time. The rock as been dropped and the ripples in the water continue to spread. Ending the silence and breaking the stigma will save lives.

Take the leap of faith.
Find your voice.
Love yourself enough to ask for help.
You are not alone. 
We are here. 

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