Chapter 13: “I Love my legs because…”


For a majority of my life I have had a negative view of my body. Spending hours in fitting rooms tear soaked with shattered self confidence… trying outfit after outfit as my self esteem melted away…it was never the clothing, I blamed my body…

My legs too thick. My butt too big. My skin too pail. My acne too severe. My tummy too pudgy. My feet too wide. My height…Lacking.

These negative self thoughts strongly opposed my own personal belief system – for I know in my heart that the beauty of a person is not in what one can see on the outside, but the energy that they exude from their heart, their values and outlook on life that is reflected in their actions. 

I had allowed myself to deny all that made me me, putting my appearance on a pedestal as a determinant of my worth. I placed such high value on my appearance yet I was treating it with such cruelty – working out to the point of pain, starving myself, living with extreme diets.

If I truly valued my body, I would treat it with the utmost love, compassion, and kindness.
If I truly valued my body I would nurture it, living with balance not pain.
My actions were not reflective of my beliefs.

Ashley Wiles – a close friend, mentor, and founder of SoleGirls shifted my frame of thinking with the use of one simple phrase… “I love my legs because…”. I don’t think she truly realizes how much her energy, and her love of self has influenced me.

I have begun to see that the core of who I am, my adventurous soul, my loving heart, and my yearn to learn, will remain constant no matter the size of my jeans.
Those who love me, love me not because I have blonde hair and blue eyes, or because I can lift heavy weights, but because of my openness, and my love of life.

The relationship I have with my mirror is changing, it is not as often that I hear the voice of negativity…

I love my legs because they take me to the top of mountains…

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1 Response to Chapter 13: “I Love my legs because…”

  1. chelseyluren says:

    Oh girl, I love this post. It is so exciting to me to hear the shift that you’re experiencing ❤️


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