Chapter 15: Finding Zen

Balance has been redefined.
Balance which once was the ability to juggle, has become a recognition that the ALL intricacies of my soul must be honoured and nurtured.

Throughout my journey, I have had moments where I felt off centre, I could never really describe it, but my energy made my discomfort apparent – something was off and happiness seemed darkened.

My imbalance was rooted in my own self neglect – suppression of emotions, pushing body to its brink, criticizing my being, and choosing isolation. I was denying myself time and space to ensure that my mind, body, and spirit were being honoured, nourished, and strengthened.

Yoga, which began for me as a way to stretch once a week so I could lift weights, has become a significant element of my life. I have learned to set intention, to step outside myself and connect with the space and energy around me. It has become a time for me to slow my thinking, to appreciate, and realize the value and power of the present moment.

I feel that I have found zen.

Although I still may have moments when I feel frazzled, I have learned to see the bigger picture. Just as I have chosen to live by the motto CHOOSING HAPPY, I have learned that stress is also a choice, why worry or be concerned over things in my life that I have no control, when instead aim to see opportunity for growth.

Balance is no longer the ability to just push forward, but instead the ability to be patient and kind with all parts of myself.



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  1. Rohit Bhardwaj says:

    Subtle and intense.


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