Chapter 16: Fear

Don’t get me wrong, with any decision, taking a thoughtful approach and understanding the whole picture is a responsible and valuable process… But when choosing whether to do or not do something, if “FEAR OF…” is stopping you, it may be time to reevaluate the root of that fear…

It has become very apparent to me that FEAR is an internal dictator waiting to seize a position of power at any given moment.

Fear, if we allow it, can thwart opportunity as it hooks its teeth into that which is held closest to us, but fear only has power if we allow it…

What I have learned is that often fears that paralyze us from moving forward are lies, lies we convince ourselves to be the truth, to be a reality… A false reality created out of self doubt.

Fear of failure. Fear of inadequacy. Fear of missing out. Fear of being forgotten. Fear of judgment.

This past year has taught that fear is created from within, therefore fear can be rendered useless from within as well. My fears, rooted in a belief that I wasn’t enough have been silenced as I’ve learn to believe fully in myself. Slowly but surely I have learned to recognize and let of got those fears.

Fear.  I see you. I acknowledge you. But I am letting you go.

What fear are you going to let go of today?


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