Chapter 17: Alignment.

Choice is an amazing concept.

Recently I have began to embrace the full power and influence of choice, recognizing that my life, my energy, my world, is a reflection of how I choose to act or react, how I choose to think, even how I am choose to feel…

I want my LIFE to be a REFLECTION of what I VALUE. 

My truth.
In the past the main force driving my decision making has been fear and perceived expectations of what I thought SARAH should be. I never felt I had a choice. BUT, I say perceived, because the expectations that drove my choices were intrinsically manifested, a web of stories I created on my own.

But now…
When I think of moments I have felt the happiest, moments in my life that have been an honest and authentic reflection of my true self, they have been moments my choices have aligned with my values


Those moments I’ve felt broken hearted, hopeless or succumb with a feeling of defeat and exhaustion, I am reminded that I have CHOICE. Choice to learn and move forward towards happiness, or remain stagnant and unhappy. It is important to honour and value all emotional experiences. To honour when I feel sad, and allow myself to experience that emotion, but it is my choice whether or not I let those emotions dictate and become a source of overwhelming power and influence.

Close friends have reminded me that although choices are my own, they sure has hell aren’t always easy. I have days when hourly I am having to convince myself to shift my thinking, to regain perspective. Moments when I look in the mirror and feel to the depths of my soul I want to return to my old habits. But it is the ability to be self aware, to recognize those triggers and fight against them no matter how challenging, that I now see as a CHOICE.

Choices are INTENTIONAL.
Choices create your reality.
When CHOICE align with VALUES… imagine the magic.

I challenge you think reflect on what motivation grounds your choices and drives your decision making?

What did you come up with?…. Is it time to make some adjustments?

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